Fast, safe and painless COVID-19 testing for companies, sports, culture and private individuals

LEAD Horizon is a Viennese start-up that has developed a turnkey solution for drive-in stations for mass testing of the coronavirus for companies of every size.

Easy & quick – they install a mobile testing-station (walk-through or drive-in) wherever you want. The testing process takes 2 minutes and the result will be delivered within 1 working day.

What is special about it?
They  have developed a complete solution that does not give you any more work. From infrastructure, personnel and test kits to the evaluation of the tests, everything is organized and provided.

 They can create up to 500 tests per station and scale them up as high as the company or venue requires.

With a custom-made app, they deliver the results quickly and in a user-friendly way.

Got interested?

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