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Developing your brand identity is more than just a logo

A brand identity consists of the business values, and how the brand communicates those values through its products and services. It’s what the brand says, how it is visually represented with images and design, and what the brand intends customers to feel when they...

12 Tips On How To Create The Best Branded Podcasts

A podcast can be an excellent way for businesses to market to their target audiences. However, without a strategic plan, creating a branded podcast can quickly become a complicated and frustrating pursuit. Once you’ve outlined the objectives that a podcast will help...

6 Innovative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Having a solid, trusted brand is important for your company to thrive. If your target audience doesn’t know or trust your brand, how will you ever increase your customer base and sales? Here are six innovative strategies you can use to increase brand awareness and...
Willie Simms winner of all Triple Crown horse races

Willie Simms winner of all Triple Crown horse races

  May 6, 1896: Augusta native jockeys horse to Kentucky Derby win Willie Simms (January 16, 1870 – February 26, 1927) was an American National Champion jockey in Thoroughbred racing and a U.S. Racing Hall of Fame inductee who won five of the races that would become...

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