What is Relationship Marketing?

Relationship Marketing relates to customer retention and building long term successful relationship between a business and its customers by maximizing customer satisfaction.

Sports Business

Sport businesses need to communicate and participate in discussion with their customers in order to create, sustain and improve relationships.

Existing studies offer insightful information into relationship and the general consensus is that sports businesses can benefit from its use. In many situations, sports marketing affairs include some sort of relationship marketing, where clubs, organizations, fans and athletes have relationships with one another that are dependent on the successful management of those relationships.

Partners for Live

In order for sport businesses to be successful in their goals, they should view their customers as partners for life rather than here and now consumers. They need to understand the customers ever-evolving needs, desires, expectations and values.

By doing so, sport businesses are able to maintain and enhance their fan base easily than through the more commonly used short-term transactions such as merchandise and ticket sales.

Social Media

Social media enables businesses to do this and connect with their customers with much higher efficiency and effectiveness.

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