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When people Google you, what do they find?

Anything less than a stunning online presence that clearly articulates the value you have to offer is a missed opportunity.


Even if you…

think no one’s searching for you (studies show hiring managers and consumers are using the internet to conduct their own research before deciding who to hire)

don’t like talking about yourself (your online presence can do it for you – 24/7)

aren’t good at self-promotion or networking (you can still stand out online)

prefer for your hard work to speak for itself (your online presence allows you to reach a larger audience than you otherwise would)

have a relationship or referral-based business (research indicates people are more likely to make referrals to people who have a high-quality online presence).

Personal Branding Workshop

Welcome to The Personal Branding Workshop information page!

In this hands-on personal brand workshop, you will learn how to make a better, more enduring impression within your industry online in search results, through LinkedIn and other social channels, as well as in-person at work, conferences, and networking events.

We will also highlight how these principles can be leveraged broadly across your organization to create effective advocates for your company brand.

This personal branding workshop is designed for entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, HR & training managers, PR & executive communications managers, marketers and digital marketing practitioners, plus pretty much ANYONE who wants their wisdom and experience to be more discoverable, shareable, and memorable.


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