By definition, a crisis is caused by a major, temporary change. Don’t fall into the trap of managing the temporary crisis itself, instead of managing through the crisis.

Those of us stewarding brands need to prepare to emerge from the crisis even stronger than before.


The fundamental approach is to prepare in advance, react to events and bridge the gaps while keeping in mind that leading through a crisis is about inspiring and enabling others to get things vaguely right quickly, and then adapt along the way – with clarity around direction, leadership and roles.

With all the nastiness that the Coronavirus has brought, it’s obvious that there are some hidden benefits to this new scene. Some are trivial, like setting up infrastructure for remote work or new models of communication between clients and professionals, but some are more interesting, such as new collaborations popping up from unlikely sources, and a nagging sense of urgency among business owners who now realize that if they don’t think up creative solutions, they may soon find themselves with no business to run.


This period brings with it a valuable resource — time.

Some of us are bound to have more spare time over the coming period, while others will see their time management habits changing, with more home time compared to office time. Time is a wonderful gift if you just know how to use it wisely.

Let’s see what you could do with all this newfound time in order to jumpstart your career:

Update your portfolio

Now is a good time to go through your folders and uncover every project you have been working on, freshen up your portfolio design, and pack into it all the experience that you have gathered.

Spend some time redesigning, write a story about your journey, and publish your case study online detailing your process and insights. This is the most meaningful way to present your unique capabilities, get exposure, and open doors.

Remember that book about content writing, making engaging info videos… Now is the time to sit down and learn.

And here’s the kicker: document the knowledge you have gained and pass it on.

Now is a great time to invite people to a video chat or webinar and show them what you are capable of.

Let’s feed off each other’s learning. We will all become wiser as a result.

We are all still online — so now is a great time to make new friendships and collaborations.

Join some professional groups and start building these partnerships. Now, more than ever, people are open to the idea of collaboration.


We all know the term “thinking outside the box”, but we tend to stay inside the box, where it’s warm and comfortable. But now, the box has thrown us out.

Ultimately, what you’re going to be left with after the crisis is your Personal Brand and Reputation.

Re-look at your brand values. Make sure you are protecting your core strategic planks. Treat all in a way that enhances your reputation with them. Over time, they’ll remember how you treated them and how you made them feel at the worst moments.

Be smart, be safe.



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