Personal Branding and Sports Marketing

Your Personal Brand is your Reputation and Legacy

Branding is a challenging word to define because it encompasses every part of your business. Yes, it’s your logo, but it’s also more than that: it’s the culture your employees exude;  it’s the feeling customers get when they interact with your company. All of these elements (and more) combined encompass your company’s brand. The most successful companies are cognizant of their brand. They work to create a cohesive experience for every customer.


About Jutta Putz

Jutta Putz is an international personal branding and sports marketing consultant. In 2015, she founded Pro360thoroughbred a marketing platform for the thoroughbred industry to help owners, athletes, CEOs and industry leaders position their expertise to increase visibility and profitability. She’s had the privilege to work with a diverse range of clients to develop personal brands that target the audiences they want to reach.

Companies & People I’ve Worked With

“My athlete brand is one that doesn’t revolve around sports. People already know I am a jockey, so it’s important to connect and engage with my fans and potential brand partners by sharing other elements of who I am.
Jutta Putz showed me and my manager how to strategically, authentically and consistently show fans an athlete’s 360-degree view, at the intersection of sports, culture and lifestyle. The results were amazing, the greater brand equity brought many more opportunities.”


“Jutta Putz is the best money we have ever spent.
Her process is so friendly and professional, which made working with her easy and exciting too.
She put us at ease on the day and really did her research into our brand so she knew what type of imagery to bring to life.”


Articles, News & Resources

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